Kilfrost ABC-S Plus

DE/ANTI-ICING FLUID – exceeds all requirements of AMS 1428/ISO 11078

The type IV reference of the industry.

Available in bulk, 1000L IBC, 215L drum and 20L can.

Kilfrost ABC-S Plus is a low foaming propylene glycol-based Type IV de/anti-icing fluid that conforms to all of the technical requirements specified by the Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Material Specification SAE AMS 1428 for Type IV and ISO11078 for Aircraft De-icing/Anti-icing Fluids. 

  • ABC-S Plus has a shelf life of 3 years in original sealed containers. Refer to the certificate of conformity for further information. Stability tests under both thermal and cold storage conditions showed no significant change in pH, RI, viscosity or appearance.
  • Thermal storage stability tests are carried out using neat fluid at 70°C for 30 days. The fluid always remained homogenous; WSET testing confirms aged fluids exceed the minimum requirements for anti-icing performance.
  • ABC-S Plus diluted 1:1 in standard hard water does not show any significant changes in pH or appearance with no evidence of insoluble deposit seen. Hard water stability tests are carried out on fluid diluted 50% at 95°C for 30 days.
  • Fluid dries out to a thin greasy film/fine white powder with the absence of any gums, thick gel, or rough/hard solids. Residues are readily soluble in water, with no residues left behind after rinsing. No gels, gums, hard or peelable films form when exposed to dry and cold dry air. Successive dry-out tests demonstrate fluid residue weight gain to be well below the maximum level of 4g over 10 dry-out and rehydration cycles.
  • Lowest Operational Use Temperature -28°C for a 100% fluid, -14.5°C for 75/25 dilution and -3.5°C for 50/50 dilution.

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