Kilfrost Timeline


Kilfrost Europe was founded

  • Solventis Ltd reached an exclusive license agreement with Kilfrost Ltd and founded Kilfrost Europe
  • The license agreement allows Kilfrost Europe to produce and sell Kilfrost Aircraft De-icing Fluids in wider Europe including Russia and Turkey (but excluding UK and Ireland)
  • Kilfrost Europe started producing Type I Kilfrost DF Plus in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Type II ABC-K Plus and Type IV ABC-S Plus are stored in Antwerp Belgium.


Building for the future

  • Solventis started the construction of a new exclusive state of the art production site and storage facility for Kilfrost fluids in Antwerp Belgium
  • This investment will allow Kilfrost Europe to grow and continue to meet the increasing demand of ADF for many years to come.


New production site operational

  • The new production and storage facility was ready for the start of the 2019-2020 winter season
  • Fully automated and flexible production of Type I DF Plus and Type IV  started
  • More than 6 million litres of storage capacity for both feedstock and end product
  • Together with the Kilfrost Ltd production site in Haltwistle, UK we can ensure a secure supply of fluid in all circumstances to all our current and future customers.


Laboratory expansion

  • Kilfrost Europe/Solventis has doubled their Antwerp laboratory space and testing capacity
  • Kilfrost Europe now has the capacity to process all the pre- and mid-season samples of all our customers; typically some 5,000 to 6,000 samples per winter season.


Site certification ABC-K Plus

Our production site at LLH is now officially certified for production of Kilfrost ABC-K Plus. We are now able to offer the full Kilfrost range from our production site in Antwerp, Belgium.


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